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Monks and nuns with 10 other out-of-school adolescents concluded their second photo exhibition on May 4-5 that was held at Royal Textile Academy.
Sharing his experience at the exhibition, one of the participants, Deyon Phuntsho said that the training made him realise that attractive photography is not just about the filters or the stickers. “It’s the story behind and once you move from ‘what you have captured’ to ‘why you have captured that moment. That’s when the picture truly becomes beautiful…,” said Deyon Phuntsho.


  • 17 October 2017: Five-day Basic Photography Training Begins.
  • October 19: Adolescents Starts Taking Pictures, some of which are sent to ROSA in Nepal for an exhibition.
  • October 20-21: Adolescents learn picture Caption.
  • October 22-November 1: Starts photography for an exhibition to be held in November.
  • November 20: Adolescents Hold Their First Exhibition at Royal Textile Academy coinciding with World Children’s Day.
  • 20-22 March 2018: Adolescents Attends Advanced Photography Training.
  • May 4: Conducts Second Photo Exhibition at Royal Textile Academy.

The second photo exhibition comes after the second round of training from March 20-22 at Media Lab on advanced photography. The initial training began in October last year with support from UNICEF to train five nuns from Drubthob Thangtong Dewachen Nunnery and five monks from Dechenphodrang Monastery with 10 out-of-school youths and members of civil society.

The photography training was an opportunity for monks and nuns who usually are left out from such activities.

The training was to help children express themselves and their voices on important issues through photography. The training came as an opportunity for adolescents in monastic schools who are usually left out from such opportunities. Following the training the monks and nuns are now able to take pictures to document their lives in monastery, rituals, and events in their respective monasteries.