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The ‘Reset! at The Media Lab’ was initiated in order to provide a platform for young adults to converse with experts in different fields. The platform enables participants to connect with their country’s socio-economic and political issues by bringing them into conversation with practitioners who have the wisdom of lived experiences, the academia who have in-depth theoretical and critical views on issues, and thought leaders who are forward-looking and bring in provocative ideas. With the aim to foster a continuous learning model the participants are encouraged to reimagine their role in charting the way forward.

A total of three Reset! at the Media lab each focusing on different themes such as “Governance”, “Institutions” and “Climate” was organised, where experts leading in different fields presented their views. An hour-long open floor discussion also empowered the participants to share reflections and ask intriguing questions, therefore drawing on rich insights on the themes discussed especially in the context of the pandemic.

A student studying Environmental Science Programme from Sherubtse College asked, “How can youths work towards inter-generational equity?” provoking discussion on “Rights & Responsibilities,” and empowering youths to take action towards building their future.

Find the link to the speaker’s presentation below:


Dasho Kinley Dorji: https://youtu.be/BdaKD9zVtoE

Mr Ramakrishna Purushotaman: https://youtu.be/5QXTSIoox3o

2.Institutions: How do they matter?

Dasho Sangay Khandu: https://bit.ly/3mlm9rv

Dr. Sonam Chuki: https://bit.ly/33IfQqX

3.Climate Justice

Pem Lama – https://bit.ly/37ICrpD

Thinley Namgyel – https://bit.ly/3haTJPj