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Photography can be used as a means to tell story. Photography inspires and is a hobby in itself. About 15 – 20 out of school youths will be encouraged to try their skill at photography. A two day basic photography training will be held with the passionate group of out of school youths. Elements like composition, lighting, exposure and using photographs to tell stories will be discussed with extensive practical lessons. The pictures that they take will be critiqued by professional photographers in every aspect. We will follow up with an intermediate course.

The best pictures from the participants will then be used to put up a photo exhibition. Similar training can be held two times in a given year. Additionally, the project will procure a DLSR camera that can be used for taking pictures as well as recording videos. As of now, the Media Lab has point and shoot cameras with lower camera Mega Pixel, the new DLSR camera will be a great addition to the list of equipment at the lab and will benefit the lab and its users in any of the future photography and multimedia workshops.