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Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy conducted the training in collaboration with UNICEF Bhutan at the centre’s Media Lab from 22-23 February. A total of 10 nuns from Drubthob Thangtong Dewachen Nunnery and Dechen Phodrang Monastery and a few other adolescents attended the refresher course facilitated by local photographers.

The refresher course is to help take better pictures 

“Most of the time the monks and nuns are left out of such training,
but when we are given an opportunity, we do our best…,” Rinchen Pal 

The participants underwent a basic training in October last year. During this refresher training, the facilitators helped the participants review the photographs from an exhibition in 2017 and went out for a shooting.

The photography training has come as an opportunity to monks and nuns, who normally are uninvolved in such activities. “Most of the time the monks and nuns are left out of such training but when we are given an opportunity we do our best. We will share what we have learned from this training with our friends,” Rinchen Pal, a nun from Thangtong Dewachen Nunnery said.

By enabling monks and nuns to learn photography, we are also giving them an opportunity for self-expression. The group with other adolescents will conduct their second exhibition in April. The refresher course was supported by UNICEF Bhutan