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The training enabled nuns to judge the credibility of information and news.

For the first time, 16 nuns from nunneries in Thimphu attended a three-day News and Media Literacy Training from 30 August – 1 September at Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy’s Media Lab at Nazhoen Pelri Complex in Thimphu.

The nuns were trained in News and Media Literacy to help them become smart consumers of information and news, since increasing number of nuns and monks are active on social media platforms such as Facebooks, WeChat, and WhatsApp. Following the training, nuns wanted to improve their online safety and privacy. “I want to deactivate my existing Facebook account that has over 3,000 friends and start a new one. Then I will add only the people I have met and I know in real life,” said Tshering Choden.

Sonam Choden from Bhutan Nuns Foundation said that she would be more careful about what she likes, posts or shares on social media. “I will not like or share everything on social media without thinking about its consequences,” Sonam Choden said.

Another participant, Rinchen, from Drubthob Thangtong Dewachen Nunnery said that she now knows the importance of being critical while sharing and reading information and news. “I will now check whether the news is real or fake,” Rinchen said.

EU and Helvtas Swiss Intercooperation supported the training