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Over the years, the Media Lab fostered an innovative learning space for youth, where they were educated on using different multimedia tools. The ongoing sessions with the students of Motithang Higher Secondary School contribute to extending this initiative to youth in schools.

Following the introduction to photography, students were taught about the pre-production process of filmmaking. The students learned about the tools used in filmmaking and the role of the various crew members. Some shared that they aspire to become a director, and others expressed that they now understood the valuable contribution of each crew member.

Students present the roles and responsibilities of the crew members for their selected stories.

Sameer Rai, a 12th-grade student, said, “I learnt about different [multimedia] tools while attending these sessions for the past two months… Later on, I can work towards creating a job for myself with the skills I learnt here.” Many students shared similar aspirations of equipping themselves with skills to later pursue employment in the creative industry.