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Members of civil society organisations (CSOs), government, and out-of-school youth were trained in multi-media production from March 24-27.

A total of 17 participants attended the multimedia training facilitated by a member of Friendship Association Denmark Bhutan, Marie Thesbjerg Denmark. Besides filming, the participants learned important elements of production such as framing, angling, script writing, research, and interview.

The training focused on the three main aspects of multimedia:

  • Storytelling
  • Research
  • Framing, angle, sources, and interviewing.
  • Finding/Identifying Stories
  • Script Writing and
  • Edit

At the end of the training, five videos were produced on different themes. Following were the five movies.

1. Changing Faith: A story about a boy who worked hard to make a living to support the woman who adopted him.
2. The Parking Fee Collecter: It looks at a life of a parking fee collector struggling to make an honest living.
3. The Toilet Cleaner: The film highlights the struggles about mother cleaning toilets to ensure brighter future for her children.
4. Karma: Looks at the life of a caretaker in Changgangkha monastery.
5. Women Empowerment: A story about a woman who became an inspiration to start up a business.