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“I came to the photography training only expecting to learn how to take photos, however during the training I learnt that photography is also about telling stories”

Tshering Selden, Grade 12, Motithang Higher Secondary School

Anju Rai, a participant from Motithang Higher Secondary School presenting at the closing

Family and friends joined the closing event of the Basic Photography Training on Sunday to commemorate the completion of the training and the launch of the photo-book “Moving forward: Reflections of the COVID Pandemic”.

The participants presented their pictures, which was followed by a photo-book exhibition where the audience conversed with the photographers to learn more about the stories behind their pictures. Chandra, an audience member, told the photographers that her perspective on the photos changed after listening to their stories. We thank #CISU for supporting this training.

The participants were gifted a customized photo-book each enclosing a certificate of gratitude to motivate them to continue their photography journey

See the picture story “Moving Forward: Reflections on the COVID Pandemic”  

We thank CISU for helping us fund this project.